S3988 Pointer Excel ll

The Pointer Excel II is a newly developed user friendly hand held device with digital display for effective stimulation treatment of the point or area.
Further, this new device is added with more features, such as adjustable frequency from 1 ~ 16 Hz, and polarity reversal switch (for tonification or sedation).

Features and specifications
  • Micro current, blue zone on dial (0-10 mA) 10-45 mA adjustable (black zone on dial) (PEAK) ± 20 % (on 500 ohm loading)
  • Adjustable output intensity control
  • Frequency adjustment control 1~16 Hz
    (adjustable)± 20 % (Blue zone and black zone on dial)
  • Polarity reversal switch (+ for tonification /- for sedation)
  • Pulse width 260 µS (± 20%)
  • Pulse Shape Biphasic Square Wave with a negative spike
    Zero DC component
  • Waveform: continuous
  • Large LCD digital display frequency reading
  • Push button for direct electric stimulation
  • Pilot lamp to indicate stimulation
  • Two metal plates for creating a complete electrical circuit
  • ABS casing
  • Power supply: 9V battery, type PP3, 6F22,1604A, 6LR61 or its equivalent

  • Accessories
  • 1 grounding pole
  • 1 Detection/Stimulation probe
  • 1 Screw driver
  • 1 9V Heavy duty battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • The unit and its accessories are packed in a hard ABS plastic carrying case.

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