T3603 Model GB-12 T.E.N.S.

A Single ChanneI T.E.N.S. unit with 3 different pulse modes. Easy & Simple to use.

Device Specifications - GB-12
Channel: Single
Output Voltage: 0-40 V(500 ohm Load)
Output Current: 0-80 mA (500 ohm Load) Constant current
Waveform: Symmetric biphasic rectangular
Frequency: 0.8-200 Hz adjustable
Pulse Width: 150 micro seconds
Power Source: 2 pcs. of 1.5V batteries
Output Jack: 2.5 mm diameter jack
Unit Dimension: 86x 64 x 23 mm (excluding belt clip)
Weight of Unit: 87 grams (including belt clip)
Tolerances: ± 10%
Output parameters are across a 500 Ohm resistance

Output Modes
Burst Mode (B) : 1 burst /4 seconds (2 sec.ON & 2 sec.OFF)
Constant Mode(C): Regular output
Reciprocal Mode(R): Alternates stimulation (2 sec.positive pulse & 2 sec.negative pulse)

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