T3390 Model E8 T.E.N.S.

Model E2 T.E.N.S. is a newly designed dual channel T.E.N.S. unit which is a proven alternative method to relieve pain besides using pills. This hand held unit, also supplied with a belt clip so that it can be weared on the belt, sends electrical impulses through the skin to the painful part of your body where you put the electrodes on and effectively stop or relieve your pain. It has been found out that about 60% of chronic pain can be relieved satisfactory by T.E.N.S. unit when operating correctly, and even more successful for post-operative pain. This unit is dual channel so that 4 electrodes can be used in one time, with 3 different kinds of mode functions for different pain syndrome. The whole set of unit is packed in a hard plastic carrying case. Operated by 9V dry battery.

Technical Specifications
Channels: Dual, two output channels for stimulation of four electrodes.
Mode functions: Normal- Modulate- Burst
Output Current: adjustable 0-40 mA r.m.s. peak into 500 ohm loading each channel, constant current.
Output Voltage: adjustable 0-20 V r.m.s. Peak into 500 ohm Loading
Pulse width: adjustable from 25 microsec to 240 microsec. Pulse width remains adjustable at any mode function setting.
Pulse rate: adjustable from 2 Hz to 160 Hz, pulse rate adjustable on any setting of mode function.
Waveform : Biphasic square wave.
Indicator Lamp : Green lamp to show power on for each channel and pulse rate speed for both channel, and yellow low battery lamp which is to illuminate when battery power reaches about 5.1V.
Mode Functions: Normal- when mode slide switch is in normal setting pulse rate is adjustable from 2 Hz to 160 Hz. Modulate- when mode slide switch is in modulate setting pulse rate will modulate ramped up & down to the set pulse rate. Modulate time period is fixed at 6 seconds Burst-Burst mode automatically bursts on and off two times per second (two bursts per second) at adjustable pulse rate.
Power Supply: 9 volt battery (alkaline, or nickel-cadmium, rechargeable)
Electrode: silicone rubber electrode, 4.2 x 4.2 cm
Weight: 95 gm (body only, battery and accessories not included).
Size: 24 x 67 x 93 mm
Belt Clip: Steel spring belt clip.

  • 2 pcs. pin lead wire
  • 4 pcs. silicone rubber electrode
  • 2 pcs. hydro pad
  • 1 pc. 9V battery (conventional one)
  • 1 pc. instruction manual
  • 1 pc. carrying case conventional

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