T3380 Model E2 T.E.N.S.

Model E2 T.E.N.S. is a newly designed dual channel T.E.N.S. unit which is a proven alternative method to relieve pain besides using pills. This hand held unit, also supplied with a belt clip so that it can be weared on the belt, sends electrical impulses through the skin to the painful part of your body where you put the electrodes on and effectively stop or relieve your pain. It has been found out that about 60% of chronic pain can be relieved satisfactory by T.E.N.S. unit when operating correctly, and even more successful for post-operative pain. This unit is dual channel so that 4 electrodes can be used in one time, with 3 different kinds of mode functions for different pain syndrome. The whole set of unit is packed in a hard plastic carrying case. Operated by 9V dry battery.

Channel: 2 Outputs
Pulse Rate: 2-160 Hz
Pulse Width: 240 μS(±20%)
Waveform: biphasic square wave
Output Volt: 0-20 V r.m.s. ±20%(500 ohm loading)
Output Current: 0-40mA r.m.s. ±20%(500 ohm loading)
Pulse Mode: Normal, modulate & burst
Power Supply: 9V battery
Size: 125 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight: 120 gm

Model E2 is using high conductive silicone rubber electrodes with adhesive hydro pads so that it can be easily adheres to skin firmly without using elastic strap. It is more conductive than conventional electrodes and convenient to use on any part of the body.

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