A3930 Model AWQ-105 PRO Acupuncture Stimulator

AWQ-105 PRO ACUPUNCTURE STIMULATOR is a professional, brand new unit with 5 channels. It comes up with a modern design and inherits the features of AWQ-series acupunctoscope. This professional unit provides multiple functions and features, which are essential in daily acupuncture practice.

Features & Advantages
  • 5 outputs (including an output exclusively for the use of search/stimulation
        probe for point detection and immediate stimulation.)
  • Frequency and Pulse Width are adjustable & separated into two groups,
        Group 1 for Ch 1 & 2 , and Group 2 for Ch 3 & 4.
        (Instead of one Frequency and one Pulse Width for all channels)
  • 2 large LCD (each measures 15X30 mm) for displaying precise frequency of
        each group, and one LCD (15x30 mm) for showing sensitivity during
        acup-point detection. This LCD also displays the frequency (fixed at 10 Hz)
        during direct stimulation by the search/stimulation probe.
  • 3 different Mode; Cont (continuous), Modulate and Burst.
  • High & Low selection of output. X1 and X5 (multiplier) of pulse rate and
        width adjustments.
  • Timer selection for different period of treatment session. Continuous,
        15 minutes and 30 minutes.
  • Buzzer ON/OFF, for sound control during point detection.
  • Steady output intensity increment control, no cross over,
        and no interference between each output.
  • Music for timer alert and error warning.

  • Technical Specifications
    Output channel: 5 Channels (including one channel for "APD/STIM")
    APD & Stim mode: LED lights up in “Stim” mode, and is flashing when “Stim button” is pressed.
    Waveform: Biphasic Square Wave with a negative spike
    Pulse width: 50 -500 μS adjustable, when in X1 position
    10 -100 μS adjustable, when in X5 position
    Waveform: Biphasic Square Wave with a negative spike
    Pulse width: 50 -500 μS adjustable, when in X1 position
    10 -100 μS adjustable, when in X5 position
    Pulse Rate: 1-100 Hz, adjustable, when in X1 position
    5-500 Hz, adjustable, when in X5 position
    Mode: Constant - pulse rate and width are adjustable from 1-100 Hz, & 50-500 μS respectively at X1 position, and from 5-500 Hz, & 10-100 μS respectively at X5 position, Modulation - Preset Pulse Rate and width, Preset Pulse Rate ramp up and down for 6 seconds per one cycle Burst - Preset Pulse Rate and width 3 seconds; 3 seconds
    Timer: Cont ; 15 min; 30 min
    Display: 3 LCD, each measure 15x30 mm
    Low battery lamp: The LED lights when voltage drops to 7V
    Power supply: C Size (LR 14) batteries x 6 pcs or DC 9V adaptor (optional)
    DC Power Jack: 6.3mm x 2mm centre pin.
    Output socket: 1.5mm diameter socket.
    Error LED : Red LED lights up & buzzer sounds when turn ON the unit without reset all previous channels setting to zero output. The unit resumes work after reset all channels to zero position.

    Contents of Package
    AWQ-105 PRO unit1 pc.
    Search / Stimulation Probe1 pc.
    Connecting wires (4 colors)4 pcs.
    Pin lead to alligator clip adaptor4 prs.
    Instruction manual1 pc.

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