A3923 Model AWQ-104L Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope

Model AWQ-104L Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope with 4 outputs is a newly design unit. lt features a digital display to show the frequency of stimuiation during operation. This unit is fully equipped with distinguished features both ln appearance, circuitry and accessories. lt is one of the most powerful acupuncture stimulators available in the Market.

  • Digital display in Hz to show the frequency
  • Four(4) output channels
  • New lC circuitry, no cross over
  • Polarity reversal switch for each charnnel
  • Needle/Stim switch for selection of needle treatment(Needle) and direct stimulation by probe(Stim)
  • Hi/Lo voltage switch: Lo (low) for needles, Hi (high) for T.E.N S.
  • Continuous, intermittent, and dense-disperse(modulated) wave forms
  • Two frequency ranges setting : 1 to 100 Hz and 10 to 999 Hz
  • Improved alligator clip wires and detection probe
  • Low battery indicator

  • Technical Specifications
    Channel: four outputs
    Output Current : 0 -18mA (low) (on 500 ohm load)
    ,adjustabie 0 - 40 mA(high) ± 20%.
    Pulse Rate : X1 - 1-100 Hz,adjustable, X10 - 10 - 999 Hz (maximum), adjustable
    Pulse Width : 350 μS at X1 position, 40 μS at X10 position
    Pulse shape: Biphasic Square Wave
    Digitai Disp|ay: Frequency at X1 setting shows 1 Hz ~ 100 Hz,
    at X 10 setting shows 10 - 999 Hz (max.)
    Wave form: adjustable, dense-disperse, and discontinuous
    Polarity: changeable from positive to negative or vise versa
    Power Source: 9V battery,type Pp3, 6F22 or its equivalent
    Output Jack: 3.5 mm diameter jack
    Unit Dimensions: 155 x 105 x 60 (mm)
    Unit weight: 330 gm (body oniy)
    Tolerance : ± 20%

    Pointer probe and hand grip probe
    Connecting wires alligator type4 pcs.
    9V battery1 pc.
    Artificial leather carrying case1 pc.
    instruction manual 1 pc.

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